Michigan Leasing was founded in 1982 with one distinct goal in mind, to provide client focused leasing options to Michigan based companies. Today we have over 20 years of experience accomplishing that very goal. We go farther and do more to achieve a leasing solution than any other company. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to turn other companies NO in to our YES.

• Michigan Leasing limits its services to those companies operating within the state of Michigan. This is a key component to our style of client service. We are able to meet with you personally at your convenience, at your location, saving you the hassle of having to change your schedule to meet during normal banking hours.
• The most important aspect of the way that Michigan Leasing does business is that we are a Relationship Lender. We pride ourselves on forming relationships with our clients. This relationship enables us to do more for you as a client. We allow you to choose the equipment and supplies and if you do not know where to get the equipment and supplies from we have an extensive network of preferred vendors to assist you.
• Our unique way of doing business makes Michigan Leasing the first and only choice in commercial leasing solutions. We work the hardest, the longest and are more focused on our clients than anyone you will find.