Michigan Leasing provides lending services to a wide variety of industries. Some of the industries that we work with the most are listed below, but we do not limit our services to just the listed industries.

  • For Profit Companies
  • Not For Profit Companies
  • Sole Proprietors
  • Start Ups
  • Young Companies
  • Municipalities
  • Educational Development

We at Michigan Leasing strive to be as flexible as possible. This allows us to provide to you as a client the most customized service. Our standard lending option is Equipment Leasing; our leasing terms can vary to meet your specific needs. The longest lease available is a term of 72 months; this gives you much more flexibility when planning for a large purchase.

The most important aspect of Michigan Leasing is our customized service. As a relationship based lender we are much more in tune with your needs as a business. This is a great asset to you; it allows you to be completely taken care of in any situation. This includes the kinds of projects you are considering and the lending needs for the project. If the project that you are considering does not seem to match the above list, just click on “Getting Started” and we will get back to you as soon as possible.